Welcome to Nepalaya Spa, We are one of the largest and best Day Spa Center in Nepal and recognized by Thamel Tourism Development Council. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional holistic experience to our guests. Nepalaya Spa center is operated and managed by experienced professionals. We are looking up to rejuvenate & soothe your body, mind & soul with a peaceful and friendly environment, on the other hand, you can beautify yourself with our beauty treatments. We are centerally located in several places of Thamel, Kathmandu.

Treatments are carefully planned and combined to erase stress and suffuse your body with exquisite purity and a fresh feeling that renews you from within, imparting your radiance for the world to see.

Our Skills and Experience

We are damn expert

Our team of experts provides the best services in terms of massage, treatment, therapy, and many others.

Massage 90%
Treatment 95%
Theraphy 99%
Other 75%

Our Team

We have the best and experienced team member. They are in this field from the long period of time.

Shubha Lal Thing

Our Product

  • Parlor Items
  • Spritual and Hydro Therapy
  • Therapy/Massage
  • Treatment
spa with friends
Crystal Facial
Calyx Facials
Sauna and Steam Bath
Deep Tissue Therapy
Nepali Traditional Therapy
Four Hands Therapy
Thai Dry Therapy
Ayurvedic Therapy
Hot-Stone Therapy
Aroma Oil Therapy
Organic Makeup
Trekkers Massage
Foot Massage
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Our Service

We believe in quality, rather then the quantity

Parlour Servies

We, Nepalaya Spa proudly introducing Parlour services as an extra beauty treatment a part from our regular several therapies. Parlour services are directly related to beauty treatment dealing with cosmetic system both for men and women.

PALOUR SERVICES besically provides such services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, pedicare, menicure, heena, shaving, hair cut and much more mainly concerned to make attractive and good looking.


Main features of Nepalaya Spa includes;
anyone can feel their family environment, professional therapist, safe and comfortable while using our latest technology, well decoration, peaceful environment and excellent service to make you stress-free, pain-free as well as anxiety and rejuvenate free for body, mind and soul.


Different types of massage therapy have been continued and developed from different parts of the world. These different types of massage therapy are performed to treat different needs and provide various health benefits. We provide different types of massage here at Nepalaya Spa.

Here we provide different types of mass therapy such as Deep Tissue Therapy, Four Hand Therapy, Thai Dry Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy and many more.







>>> wow amazing place…
Last week, I visited Nepalaya Spa. I had a Nepalaya Hormony Package with body scrub, steam bath, shower and Nepali Traditional Therapy. It was very excellent services. I got professional therapists, peaceful environment, well management and good price. I heartily recommended you to visit this Spa.

-Tomohiro Inove, Saitama City, Japan-

Wow, this place is really like my home. The boss and the staffs are really like my family members. Actually, it is one of the best spa in the town. I have taken a very excellent four hands therapy and steam bath.
please don’t miss the place to balance your body, mind and soul.

-Raju Yogin, Kathmandu, Nepal.-

Excellent service at Nepalaya Spa

I had taken Deep Tissue massage and Shirodhara. It’s really amazing. Peaceful environment, experience therapist and good management. So Nepalaya Spa is one of the best Spa in Nepal. I heartily recommend you to visit this place.

-Ajay Lama, Sindhuli, Nepal.-

“Best Nepali Traditional Massage in NEPALAYA SPA.”

I am impressed with service and facilities of Nepalaya Spa. I found this is operated by internationally certified Therapist. I have got family environment, amazing service, comfortable and comparatively good price. Surely visit again !

-Louis Kelson – Sydney, Australia.-

” Truly amazing service at NEPALAYA SPA.”

This Spa is truly amazing. I have had other massage in Thailand, Germany, China & America and this has been my best experience. Very honoring staff and management is absolute amazing ! The atmosphere is very relaxing and calming. They will take such good care of you. God bless you. See you again !

-Sphar Wagle , UK.-

I am happy to have the service from Nepalaya

-Sofie, UK-

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